Армен Джигарханян выиграл суд у уволенной актрисы Даны Назаровой

Armen Jigarkhanyan, who served as artistic Director of the Moscow drama theater, won a court dismissed The actress Nazarova. The actress has filed a lawsuit against Dzhigarkhanyan, saying that she was unlawfully fired and left without a livelihood and even with a two-month baby in her arms.

As the wife of the artistic Director of the theatre Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, the dismissal was lawful, because Dana Nazarova did not meet the requirements. Dzhigarkhanyan supposedly thought of her as lazy and incompetent. In addition, Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya believes the claims of the actress to the theater is strange, because the plaintiff “for a short time was married three times and refused child support.”
“Why does the theatre have the money to pay for the child?” — outraged Vitalina.
The court sided Dzhigarkhanyan and refused Nazarova in the lawsuit.