Gosha Kutsenko refused to voice Batman because of the criticism of the audience

Гоша Куценко отказался озвучивать Бэтмена из-за критики зрителей

Because of the criticism of the audience of the famous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko decided not to voice Batman in the Russian version of the cartoon “LEGO Movie: Batman”, as reported on the official website of Warner Bros. Russia in the social network.

Company representatives issued a statement Gosha and his recognition of the fact that Vsevolod Kuznetsov, known to our audience as the “Russian voice of Keanu Reeves and Brad pitt,” the better he voiced this character.
“Thank you for the criticism! Thanks to all concerned! I am sure for the film the main thing – it is a viewer. I listened and watched all the videos again, and I admit that Vsevolod Kuznetsov – the real Batman. Hats off to a real superhero” — the statement says Kutsenko.
The reason for the application goshi was the release of the movie, voiced Kutsenko. Because of the criticism of the audience for whom the voice of the artist was inappropriate tape “LEGO Movie: Batman” will be announced Kuznetsov.