Аполлон Байгакофф создаст коллекцию с Макеевой

Russian designer told about the plans to create a capsule collection in conjunction with actress Anastasia Makeeva and on collaboration with the singer Sergey Zverev.

In the fashion place Urban farm summer market “Fermare” held a press-Breakfast by the famous Russian designer of Apollo Bulgakoff, clothes which are Anastasia Makeeva, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Anastasia Denisova Oksana Stashenko and many others.

The editors of fashion publications, fashion bloggers and stars came to check out the summer collection of Apollo, and to share their experiences in a relaxed atmosphere at blue lake in Moscow.

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Apollo told about his future plans: create a capsule collection in collaboration with actress Anastasia Makeeva, a collaboration with singer Sergey Zverev, the ideas of men’s suits and more.

“We are moving at a faster pace, moving through the Internet, and even put on the Internet. We buy, love and appreciate in Europe, in Russia still see fashion in their own way, like a simple dress a La Zara or prefer the same dress to the floor. But we’re working on it. I do not want and will not adapt to these stereotypes, girls in my clothes I can’t agree to be like other people, they have a rich inner world and daring nature,” said the designer.

Clothing designer liked it so much capital to the celebrities that they picked out her in place. The collection of bags from crocodile skin are particularly keen singer Nadia Handle.

For Breakfast they drank cold lemonade and ate an omelette of ostrich eggs cooked in front of them by chef summer market “Fermare”, delicious croissants with fresh berries, natural farm yoghurt and cakes.

Nice conclusion of the meeting were the gifts for the guests from stylist Nina Rousseau and her brand (S) a la Russa, who provided the stylish and colorful summer clothing, handmade accessories and other pleasant things, designers of the brand La Intuiciòn Darya Boy and Anastasia Kozlova.

Recall that Apollo, Bulgakoff – founder of the eponymous Russian brand of clothing collections pret-à-porter and haute couture Bygakoff Apollon Bygakoff. Its main feature the designer thinks style “cosmic aristocracy”, and the ability to see the gift from nature. For six years, Apollo creates beauty, mixing styles and shocking the audience with a bold decision. As recognized by the designer, his inspiration is singer Rihanna, and the ideas he takes from space. Hence, many of the colors in the collections, reminiscent of solar panels, silver trim, space ships and sparkle suits.

All-Russian Museum of decorative-applied and folk art exhibition “Lace for show”, in which Apollo has put three of the best lace dresses from their collections, one of which was bought for 1 million rubles directly at the opening. Along with things from the collections of Alexander Vasiliev and other talented Russian designers of the exhibits of Apollo in the Museum of cultural value for our country.

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