Темные ночи: звезды в Баку вышли на дорожку в черных нарядах

As if someone introduced a dress code: total black, or how to explain why, in the closing day of the festival Heat in the 30 degree heat all stars dressed in black dresses?

The past weekend will be remembered by the people of Baku for a long time: so many stars in one place is not often possible to collect. Even the actors seem to have spent this time with pleasure: walking around the city, swam, ate myself. And so filled with love for this city that leave no one wanted.

Maybe that’s why the red carpet, this the day of closing of festival “the Heat” was a funeral? All the girls expressed a preference for the dark outfits. Yulia Baranovskaya, Lolita, Yulianna Karaulova, Nargiz Zakirova, Sati Casanova appeared in dark dresses. Still black – a win-win any time of the year.

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Later before going on stage all dressed in brighter things. The audience met favorite artists enthusiastic applause. And during a performance of Philip Kirkorov generally proskakivala from their seats and began to dance and remove the phone. And then came Nicholas Basque – here the hall was the voice to sing. What the presenters joked: “So we do not know who still love more Kirkorov and Baskov. This eternal debate will never be resolved”. But the most memorable performance of these two days is definitely possible to count the number of Anna Sedokova. She sang and sang, and then in an evening gown dived into the pool! To make it beautiful, the singer had to rehearse two days in a row. In General, the festival lived up to its name. In Baku the weekend was hot.

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