Antonio, you’re covered in paint: Banderas learned to draw thanks to Picasso

Антонио, ты весь в краске: Бандерас научился рисовать благодаря Пикассо The actor posted on the social network chic frame from the shooting of the new project. The ladies will play no less beloved by the ladies of Pablo Picasso. For this role, Antonio Banderas pretty much changed the image.
Антонио, ты весь в краске: Бандерас научился рисовать благодаря Пикассо

In brushset haired little man with large facial features not at once recognize the Spanish macho was loved by millions of ladies…

This photo (the one below) Banderas posted on my Instagram (by the way, not very popular, there are “only” 722 thousands of subscribers to Buzova, frankly, far…) is the first frame from filming the second season of the project “Genius” (Genius), which will be released on the National Geographic channel. The first season told about the life of the genius physicist albert Einstein.

In Europe and overseas the new series promise to show in April 2018. When the film will appear on TV screens of Russia – still a mystery.

Both genius, and the artist Pablo, and actor Antonio were born in the Spanish city of málaga.

Антонио, ты весь в краске: Бандерас научился рисовать благодаря Пикассо“If I did that he agreed to play his great countryman? View after the shooting, said Antonio. – One can say for sure: almost all of my life is somehow connected with this brilliant artist. Remember, while still a student, I regularly drove past the house where Picasso was born”.

Clarify what the young Pablo portrays actor Alex rich (TV series “Shine” and “True detective”). Banderas will play the artist in the age of 40 years to death – until 1973, when he was already 91.

So, as they say in the theater, to grow into the role, Antonio picked up the brush and tried to write a few copies of the works of the master. I made three or four paintings, – says the actor. – Now the strokes of his brushes in my performance look quite natural”.

“Can you show me what you got? – check with Banderas correspondents edition of Entertainment Weekly.

“Yeah, and then of Picasso’s family will throw me in jail!” – Antonio reserved and categorical.