As a corporate note, not to be ashamed

Как отметить корпоратив, чтобы не было стыдно Psychologist Natalia Tolstaya gave advice on behavior during a party in the company of colleagues. In her opinion, it is necessary to choose a decent outfit and to abandon the excessive use of alcohol during the event.
Как отметить корпоратив, чтобы не было стыдно

Coming time for the corporate events, which means we are waiting for the dancing in the company of colleagues. How to spend the holiday so that the next morning was excruciatingly painful, and the head is not reprimanded, said psychologist Natalya Tolstaya.

Ignore is not the solution

If for some reason you have no desire to go on Christmas (and any other) corporate, remember: the only compelling reason to take time off is that you have the help of his own death. Your absence may be perceived as neglect or the manifestation of pride is neither the first nor the second you do, believe me, not paint. If it is absolutely unbearable to see old colleagues and superiors, come at least for a couple hours and then politely bowed, samostroykas, citing the need, for example, tomorrow at six in the morning to meet at the station’s favorite second cousin’s aunt.

No vulgarity

Yes, new year’s eve party in the company of colleagues – this is really the reason to close off the office jacket and to appear before all in a new way. The main thing that he was not too bold. In order to rid themselves from the whispering behind my back, refrain from neckline to the navel, slit on the skirt to the priests and miniature shorts. Also, do not put all the best at once, and especially such accessories and jewellery that can’t afford colleagues and especially superiors. Bag for 300 thousand and diamonds for 500 better to walk elsewhere. Unless, of course, envy and hatred of his colleagues are not your goal.

Как отметить корпоратив, чтобы не было стыдно

Stay away from the bar

How many times told the world that the excesses of the office party is a bad idea, plenty of free booze at work parties are not office plankton gives peace. Understand that in alcoholic intoxication, you become first in Petrushka-jovial, then the singing of the cock, and then inevitably into a pig. And it’s all in the eyes of his superiors and colleagues with whom you work! Why? If I do not know the steps, have fun in a safer, companies like behaviour which does not threaten you with dismissal. If you do not know how to control it, arrange with someone of the colleagues and comrades to sneak behind you and at the critical moment kicked under the table, what will be the sign of: Saturn will no longer pour.

Watch your language

To discuss co-workers is not only corporate parties, but also in principle. You never know, to whom and in what form will be passed to your words and to what it will eventually lead. The team at work – this is not your family, there is no need to do you favors and turn a blind eye to your weaknesses. Gossiping? Be prepared for the fact that at the most inopportune moment someone with whom you share the opinion of someone will present that person said to you at a convenient for him and terrible for you light. I know a lot of cases, when a rumor of bones became the reason of dismissal of people and major damage to their reputation. When a potential employer ask your former boss if you are an employee, and he will describe you how to read, think, hand if you will it be? If you want to share the experience, do it with a friend without having to your work in any way, is much safer.

Forget about romance

Office party – not a place for seduction colleagues, and even more sex with him. It would seem that any adequate person can come up with the idea for the working party to retire with a colleague in a secluded place? But the atmosphere of fun doing his job, so the sex at these parties is not uncommon. Remember that you only think that nobody will pay attention to how you and your Manager from another Department, intimate pohihikivali are removed to the pantry, where after a couple minutes I start to hear strange noises… In fact, tomorrow the news about your liberties circled the entire company, and the condemnation of colleagues just can not avoid.

Do not behave familiarly

The fact that you hang out in the company of chefs, does not mean that you birds of a feather. Who is who should be remembered not only in office but also at corporate: you are a slave, they are leaders. Slam of the head on the shoulder, the hundredth time, offering to sing a duet in karaoke is forbidden – this will spoil his mood and you a reputation. You may not get fired, but to look to you will. Why in the collective person who does not know how to behave in society? Suddenly you become responsible for the firm the time and embarrass the company…

Be generous

It is not necessary to take video or pictures of how the HR person was lying under the tree, and put the masterpiece in Instagram. A funny and the person will be unpleasant. Your behavior the next morning, after a corporate party – also check for lice. If the accountant of Light danced on the table, it is unlikely she will be pleased, you start to remind me and even more to make fun of her behavior. Most likely, people will just Harbor any resentment toward you, or – even worse – will put a spoke in the wheel.