Kate Hudson about the relationship with Danny Fujikawa

Кейт Хадсон об отношениях с Дэнни Фудзикава

On Friday, the actress Kate Hudson attended The Talk show and even on it could not speak about her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. She can’t get enough of a strong relationship with her boyfriend.

Кейт Хадсон об отношениях с Дэнни Фудзикава

“We’ve known each other for 15 years. He’s a half brother of my best friend,” Hudson says. The actress said that their relationship gained rapid momentum. They missed the typical stages of Dating and immediately became best friends.

Despite the fact that the guys a long time knew each other, they could not be together. He was much her Junior, Hudson was engaged in the creation of his family and hard-worked career. The actress said that she knew family guy for a long time. She noted that between them a very strong connection.

Recently the couple celebrated the anniversary of their relationship by going to the place where they held the first date.
“I first met Danny when I was 23 years old and I was pregnant with Ryder. Stepsisters, Danny, Sara and Erin foster – my best friend, so we all ran in the same circle for over 10 years. A year ago, on this day, Danny invited me to Hiking. I thought that going for a walk with a family friend, but suddenly she turned into a first date. No further action on this day was not taken. For them, Danny took a few months! The moment kiss on the bridge could be very nice, but a year later, he was much sweeter. So after 15 years of communication, we were able to open their hearts to each other, to feel true love. It is truly incredible! With the first anniversary date, kid,” Kate writes under the photo, where the couple stands on the bridge.

In may this year, the couple was first seen together at the premiere of “a Daughter and her mother”. Recall that in the early 2000s, Hudson was married to rock musician Chris Robinson, with whom she had son Ryder. After a divorce, a stormy personal life the actress was not finished. She dated actor Owen Wilson, comedian DAX Shepard and cyclist lance Armstrong. In June 2011, Hudson delivered her second son – the child’s father was the frontman of the band Muse Matthew Bellamy. 2014-the year Matthew and Kate broke up.