Антон Гусев получил в подарок роскошную иномарку One of the most striking ex – participants of the project and shared good news: the authorities have encouraged him for his work and presented as a gift a luxury car. Now Anton Gusev will carry his wife Victoria romanet on the luxury car.

Anton Gusev recently admitted that his wife Victoria romanet, also the ex-participant of the project earns more than him. 250 thousand per month, such income, said the man, gives him a very hard time. While Anton confidently said that Alfonso himself does not believe. Gusev was surprised that now women very often earn more than their men. Besides, Anton and Victoria had planned to get a prenup to, as noted romanet “no misunderstanding, carve”.

Anton Gusev compared wife Olga Buzova

Anton does everything in order to achieve real success. Anyway, the last time Gusev the maximum suggested work, strongly campaigning for its users to move and learn to obtain large sums of money in his example, and, apparently, perfectly cope with their responsibilities.

A week before the New year, the leadership has encouraged Anton Gusev’s works and presented Executive class car. Anton on this occasion, even made a video, where behind the scenes is inspiring feats track Timothy.

“Today I earn here lot of money, develop, travel, and every month my check is increased, the growth of my team is growing at an insane rate, people becoming individuals, they get a free Mercedes, they earn money, they become financially independent and free…”, – wrote to Gusev.

Anton Gusev a son from his marriage with Eugenia Feofilaktova, Daniel. Zhenya and Anton divorced in 2016, and this year, married another former member of telestroke Victoria romanet. Despite the quarrels and conflicts, they managed to achieve harmony and understanding.