Алексею Панину пригрозили новым судом This summer, the actor said that all of the litigation over the right to raise a child over. Panin won another lawsuit against ex-wife Julia Yudintseva and took the daughter. A friends ex-wife don’t believe in the validity of the judgment.
Алексею Панину пригрозили новым судом

Alexey Panin Julia Udintsev and fought for the daughter Anna in 2008. She was eight months when the actor took her from her mother. Panin said that Udintsev left the NUS one, tied to a chair while she went to sleep, being drunk. From that moment began a long series of judicial proceedings, and public accusations. In 2009 the court of St. Petersburg ruled that the child remain with Udintseva. And in April 2017 court of the Vladimir region, where the residence was the actor who ruled in favor of Alexei.

Alexey Panin won the daughter of his ex-wife

However, friends of Udintseva do not believe in the Orthodoxy of the document.

In the program “the Stars aligned” actress Natalia Zakharova, a close friend of Udintseva, demanded from mother of Alexei Panin Tatiana Vlasova public to read the document. After reviewing the official papers, Zakharova came to the conclusion: I need to check.

“This decision by the court of the village in which he lives Panin. And I was struck by how the documents adopted by the party of Alexei and how he is against Udintseva. It does not happen. I’ll make some inquiries and find out how legitimate the court’s decision,” said a friend of Udintseva.
Алексею Панину пригрозили новым судом

Tatiana Vlasova, the mother of Alexei, for this turn was not ready. She came on the air to tell as well and now lives a 10-year-old Anna Panina. Grandma told me that no matter what, her granddaughter talks to her mother. This elderly woman said that Yulia liovochkina Udintseva still problems with alcohol.

“I’m a hard man – I don’t like something, I won’t allow it. When was the last time we picked up Anya from St. Petersburg, I was categorically told that the child remains forever with us and nowhere else. And Alex said, “No, as I want Anna”. It took 20 days, the holidays are over. And Anya said that the mother loves and asked me to take her to Peter. But when the train stopped at the St. Petersburg station, and Anya saw the look on my mum’s face she wanted to go home,” says the mother of Alexei Panin.

A relative of the actor also said that Udintsev now pays child support, court-appointed, and when he comes to her daughter, always bringing gifts. But the question of Oskar Kuchera, do the NUS Panin’s mother, she refused to answer.