Экс-супруг Розы Сябитовой прояснил скандальную ситуацию с избиением The man told about the shortcomings of a former lover and his reasons for leaving. According to Yuri Andreev, he had not recalled about the famous wife. However sarcastic remarks Rose Sabitova hinder his production career.
Экс-супруг Розы Сябитовой прояснил скандальную ситуацию с избиением

Rose Sabitova and Yuri Andreev divorced in 2011, but the man’s name is still on the ear. The most famous matchmaker of the country have repeatedly talked about the marital problems and aggressive behavior of the former chosen.

Yuri kept silent, but finally decided to get in touch with the fans, describing his view on the situation. According to Andreev, he long had to put up with the disadvantages Sabitova.

“We really want it already behind me. When we met, Rosa was a very energetic, beautiful, but thank did the trick. She has changed beyond recognition. From a normal woman, a caring wife turned into a silly, narrow-minded, cynical person,” said the man.

According to Yuri, the main matchmaker of the country, he met through a Dating site. Then rose was not known in person, but supposedly dreamed of glory. Andreev was helping his wife to organize a business, promoted her career as a producer.

Common cause has led to serious litigation between the spouses after a divorce. According to Andreev, he was the one doing all the financial questions and resolve problems. Rose also acted as the face of the Agency relationship. After a breakup all of the assets got exactly Sabitova.

“At first it threw me. She was the second firm my best, to which she at parting with me translated the entire staff and money. So I was left without its share of business. But it did not helped. Soon the business had to forget rose. First, the branches scattered, and then the problems began with clients”, – said Andreev.

The man himself is trying to distance himself from the scandalous glory of the former wife. The man repeatedly called for shooting in a variety show, but he refused to participate in them. According to Yuri, he doesn’t want his name associated with Rose. Now the ex-spouse of Rose is engaged in business and does not advertise personal life.

Andreev and revealed the true cause of their breakup. The man remembered the scandal with the beating Sabitova. Yuri claims that he never touched his wife, and the whole story was invented by the Rose for glory.

“We sat with her in the kitchen, she suddenly says: “Come to Andrey Malakhov will write that you beat me” – says Yuri. I even photo Andrew sent himself. And is started! I was christened a tyrant, and to rose came the long-awaited fame. After this divorce was inevitable”.

She Sabitova takes a different point of view. Matchmaker repeatedly told about problems in previous relationships. She claimed that Andreev was often violent, and that was the cause of separation. Communicating with “Source”, Andreev admitted that he went through a divorce and now doesn’t even want to talk about him. However, due to the former lady he has constantly to go back to the problems in the marriage.