Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet was secretly married

Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец тайно сыграли свадьбу Lovers have decided not to give publicity to an important event in your life. Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet officially became husband and wife. Fans are happy that the couple was able to overcome all disagreements.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец тайно сыграли свадьбу

Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” with interest, watching the lives of heroes and after the project. Fans could not understand how the relationship between Victoria Romana and Anton Gusev – all the lovers burned with serious passion. They then ardently confessed his love, was not afraid of sharp statements in the address each other.

However, we now know that former heroes “Houses-2” finally got married. They decided to get away from prying eyes, to give the oath of allegiance. Despite the fact that Anton and Victoria are always honest with fans, this time they decided to keep everything a secret and told about such an important event after the fact. While the newly made husband and wife not tell you the details of the wedding.

Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец тайно сыграли свадьбу

Gusev Romanets was supposed to play a wedding, the eighth of July. However, just a couple of weeks before the Grand event broke out between them, the scandal, the man caught his beloved’s infidelity. Anton Gusev about the cancellation of the wedding with Victoria romanet: “her mind is still “House-2”

“I learned about a program through which you can hack What’sapp, – said Anton “StarHit”. – I downloaded and hacked her messenger. Read the correspondence of the Wiki with an admin. I found a lot of nasty words about myself, but most of all I hurt the one phrase. Vika wrote, saying, what love can be. To which the administrator replied that understands everything — PR is paramount. Her mind is still “House-2″. I realized that she still want to play, for marriage she’s not ready. I made the difficult decision to cancel this wedding. Vika already know. She must be happy”.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец тайно сыграли свадьбу

Victoria are unable to stay away from such statements and also told about the faults of the elect. Romanet admitted that beloved don’t make enough and can not provide this level of life about which she dreams. Vic Romanets: “I can think Anton Alfonso, bought him underwear”

“I beckoned him with money, and Anton came in. He fell for a six-story house, a good car, but nothing was given to me in return, complained Victoria. – He owes me a huge sum of money. I paid the rent, dinners at restaurants, even their vacation with Daniel was organized by my means.”

The lovers got engaged in the Maldives. However, the lovebirds tried to keep the intrigue till the last – despite the fact that the fan guessed that they rest together, Anti and Victoria did not publish pictures. The pair talked about the changes in his personal life edition of “House-2”.