Arseny Borodin about participation in “the Voice”: “I came on the show because of Nasty Ulevoi”

Арсений Бородин об участии в «Голосе»: «Я пришел на шоу из-за Насти Ивлеевой» The musician shared her experiences before the qualifying round. Arseny Borodin became known after participation in the project “Factory of stars-6”, after which came the group of “Chelsea”. Now the man is engaged in solo career and is considering a musical show as an opportunity to Express themselves.
Арсений Бородин об участии в «Голосе»: «Я пришел на шоу из-за Насти Ивлеевой»

The first of September started the sixth season of the popular show “the Voice” on channel one. At this time, the chair of the jury took the “gold” composition: Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Dima Bilan. As usual, to Express themselves all over the country dream of thousands of artists. “6”: which stars went on to conquer the mentors of the new season

Today viewers will see another “blind audition”. Mentors do not know that among those who decided to conquer the stage of the project will be a famous singer Arseny Borodin. For the first time, the whole country learned about the artist through the sixth season of “American idol”, after which he began touring with the band “Chelsea”, and two years ago won a victory in the project “Main stage”. But this time he decided to declare himself as a solo artist. “StarHit” met with Arseniy before going on stage to ask why the popular musician took part in the next contest.

“I won’t say that I superzvezdy. We have a huge country, and if, for example, to come to any other city, except Moscow and to ask, who is Arseny Borodin, it is unlikely to respond. “Star factory” has been associated with project Chelsea. And now I have something to tell as a solo artist. “The voice” – a unique project, there are 158 people, everyone understands that someone will take, and some don’t. I drink a sedative in the morning, very nervous,” admitted the musician.

Despite the fact that Arseny is no newcomer in the domestic show-business and is familiar with the members of the jury, it cannot decide to which of the mentors wishes to get. “To be honest, everything I’ve done on the project will be an experiment. Among the jury members there are no representatives of the music genre in which I work. I’ll have to do something extraordinary in the proposed conditions. If the coaches, of course, turns to me,” says Borodin.

Unlike some contestants who from year to year are sent applications for participation in “the Voice”, Arseny managed the first time to conquer the selection Committee. He admitted that friends and a girlfriend Nastya Ivleva long ago persuaded him to take part in the project. However, the beloved actor couldn’t come in as a support group. Arseny Borodin and Nastya Ivleva: “we Have to fight for work”

“Nastya removed, but it writes nice words. She is happy that I took this step and came on “the Voice.” It was a tough decision, but I’m here in part thanks to her friends,” – said Arseniy “StarHit”.

Borodin is not afraid of criticism due to the fact that he’s a known performer. In his view, the program gives everyone a chance. Moreover, the artist wonders why many do not believe in themselves and do not send the application for such competitions. Arseniy even gave a few tips in choosing the “right” songs for future participants in various musical projects.

“The song everyone should know, no matter what language. We’ve got to do in any genre, to make everyone say “wow”. Of course, we have to show voice full power range. And it is important to understand that will sound to the jury,” concluded the musician.