Ekaterina Klimova is selling things younger daughter

Екатерина Климова распродает вещи младшей дочери The actress aims to help the children. Ekaterina Klimova decided to arrange a unique event on the website ads. Star spoke in detail about each product, in order to quickly find buyers.
Екатерина Климова распродает вещи младшей дочери

Famous actress Ekaterina Klimova decided to organize a campaign on the well – known classifieds site, she arranged the sale of their own things. In them were clothes the actress and her children. It also sold accessories, a book and a houseplant. All celebrity plans to “build out” of 14 products. Moreover, Klimova has a unique chance to tell about every thing in the video. It describes the advantages of the garments to buyers have an overwhelming desire to become owners.

One of the products was the red dress in the cage. She told me that this is a unique thing, which will suit any girl.

“This is a versatile dress that can be worn in summer with sneakers in the winter with a pair of chunky boots or high boots. It is suitable for slim girls and young ladies more well-fed physique. Purchase” – told Catherine about his outfit from the trendy Russian designer.
Екатерина Климова распродает вещи младшей дочери

Catherine arranged the sale to help needy kids. All proceeds will go to the wards in the charity Fund “Our Children”. Every day Klimova parted with one of the things. While the website contains only 10 items, seven of which have already found their owners. Among them were children’s slates and costumes. Catherine admitted that bought them for his younger daughter, Bella, but the girl grew up, never having tried new things.

Екатерина Климова распродает вещи младшей дочери“We were born in the fall and wore warmer clothes. So maybe they will be useful to you. Wear it in good health,” explained Catherine.

To this action joined by the actor Alexey Chadov. Unlike colleagues, he only sells his stuff, which he related some stories. Man wants to help children in need, and to enable fans to become owners of his items of clothing and accessories.