Anton Belyaev wrote a touching lullaby

Антон Беляев написал трогательную колыбельную Musician delighted the fans of a sentimental video. Anton Belyaev became a father on may 22. Fans are happy that he regularly exhibits in the microblog photo with a newborn baby. Now the wife of the artist is preparing for discharge from hospital.

On 22 may, the lead singer of the group Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev for the first time became a father. His wife, Julia, gave the musician son whom happy parents named Simeon. Now a mother with a newborn baby still in the hospital and preparing for discharge. Apparently, the actor is in seventh heaven – he regularly exhibits in the microblog photos of the child that cause excitement among fans. Anton notes that the appearance of the baby changed his life and inspired to noble deeds. He published a touching video for his new song, which was presented on the day of birth of first child. Anton Belyaev became the father

“I’m glad that with the advent of Seeds Antonych and his lullaby happened our first charity project. And I’m glad that the creators, removes for millions, you can pick up a camera and a minimal budget to remove a simple but emotional video about love,” wrote Anton.
Антон Беляев написал трогательную колыбельную

Fans were happy that the man enjoys sharing photos and interesting notes about my son, unlike many celebrities who are trying to the last to cover the faces of the kids. “Word for it, magical! Congratulations on the baby!”, “What happiness! Thank you very much, that showed Simon”, “cool! Good luck to you! And health Simon!” – wrote followers.

The star of the show “the Voice” told me that Rhoda his wife was not so simple. The wife of actor took the clock to the boy was born. Anton admires the fact that semen grows quiet child.

“Pretty boy Simon boy, well behaved, sleep gives you and even started to eat right. And I think it’s time to say thanks to those who helped him be born. You know how I love professionals, people who know exactly what… at what point should we all. We were extremely lucky with the doctor, in spite of anxious moments, I felt that everything was under control. Believe me, this is important. Because childbirth is a situation in which self-confident 37-year-old man panics. Inside, of course,” admitted the musician.