Алексей Самсонов уговаривает жену не худеть The spouse star is trying to get in shape after childbirth. A few months ago, fiancee of reality star Julia gave him an heir. Now a young mother actively throwing his weight, wanting to return to the previous figure.

Ex-member of the popular electroni Alexey Samsonov together with sweetheart is raising a young son, Myron, who was born on the third of March 2017. In recognition of the men, the birth of a child made him the happiest man. Now in his young dads often appear pictures, which he captured in with the baby.

By the way, the wife celebrity also does not forget to please followers with shots of the heir. She willingly publish them in Instagram, prudently covering her baby face smiley. Of course, in addition to the cards with a boy, beauty and puts their own pictures, showing the beautiful figure. Recently, the account of the blonde appear racy photo in swimsuit. In the caption to her Julia admitted that much added weight she was carrying Myron. But, according to young women, husband that only happy and asks her not to get rid of extra pounds.

“I am a little donut. The entire pregnancy gained 20 kg up to 64! After giving birth dropped ten and two and a half months effortlessly reached 50! But this is absolutely not my weight. Although my husband insists not to lose weight. And I would like to throw in another. Wonder will the pool?” – wrote Samson’s wife in the microblogging.

Note that fans of the young mother immediately tried to convince the sweetheart that she doesn’t need diets. Users of the social network expressed outrage at the fact that she is committed to such a small weight.

“Julia! You look beautiful! Why do you want to lose weight?”, “Don’t even! Now you’re in the best shape!”, “Support Samson! He has the most beautiful wife!”, “Pretty! Simply the best!” commented followers post.

But, probably, even the fans are unable to convince the star mother. Despite the absolute confidence in her attractiveness, she is ready to continue the fight for a cherished number on the scales. A woman active in sports and following a healthy diet. Thus, the Network constantly appear pictures, which depicted Julia in the gym in the company of a loved one. Note that Alex always tries to maintain the chosen one. Before the birth of the wife Samsonov spent the night with her at the perinatal center. Alexey Samsonov openly talked about the difficult childbirth