Анна Седокова приучает малыша к светской жизни The actress said that takes little Hector with me to the office. According to Sedokova, she is not going to completely abandon performances because of the fact that her third child was born. The star admits that she manages to combine motherhood and musical activities.

Singer Anna Sedokova, recently became a mother for the third time, is not going to refuse the job. The actress admits that after the appearance of the son of Hector, she had to slightly revise your schedule. However, says the star, to the usual rhythm of life she is not ready to return.

“I have to be with the baby, he now really needs a mom. But a little bit to break it will. Yesterday I visited the shooting. Possible take it everywhere. On the set, however, it has not yet been, but in the office, we just go together”, – said Sedokova.

Recognized as the mother of three children, two daughters and son, on the contrary, they motivated her to become even better. According to Anna, she’s most comfortable constantly to be in movement, to create and to sing. At some events, celebrity takes little Hector. Sedokova’m glad manufacturers are producing a lot of devices that allow you to carry your baby with you.

“We are here with Hector go to the restaurant tonight. And it’s perfect! Don’t have a woman to put on yourself after the baby is born. On the contrary, I think she is, becoming a mother, even more blooming as a person,” said the singer.

Some users of social networks, in which Anna often shares the emotions and shows pictures with the family, surprised that she decided to give birth to a third child, while not legalizing the relationship with his father. Star don’t confuse such negative comments in her address.

“The times are fortunately changing. They used to say: “How awful – gave birth not married.” Now this are different. I truly support all the girls who decided to give birth out of wedlock, because the main thing in life is children. I now understand that three of the most correct and best thing I could do is birth daughters and a son. Relationships with men are not as important as the relationship with the child, his happiness and health. A man can all be built or repaired. And the child is more vulnerable,” shared Anna with journalists “Program”.

Anna Sedokova is preparing for the wedding

However, according to Sedokova, soon she gets married for the third time. Earlier the edition wrote that the child’s father and the elect of the singer is a businessman Artem Komarov. Anna admitted two months ago, I got an offer hands and hearts, which gladly accepted.