Anton Belyaev, “I rudely intruded into the life of a loved one”

Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой» The leader Therr Maitz – an accomplished musician and the proud father of a little Seeds. In an interview with “StarHit” Anton told about the career, relationship with his wife Julia and collapsed on his fame after the project “the Voice”.
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»

Anton Belyaev is called one of the best musicians of Russia. It is not only his band Therr Maitz, but also represents a new immersive show “Faceless” on November 9 in St. Petersburg, and also gave a solo concert on 3 November in A2 club. Anton said “StarHit” how feels in the role of the Pope, and admitted that if not met his wife Julia, it would begin to “deteriorate”.

In St. Petersburg on 9 November, the premiere immersive show “Faceless”, where many characters are masked. And you yourself become a party to it?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»In “Faceless” I’m no actor, and composer. Work on this project was a complicated one, we recorded about 11 hours of music. We faced an interesting challenge – the show will be held in the mansion on the Palace embankment, where more than 50 locations and all these locations of different sound sources – it is important to find the relationship, to moving from one location to another, we do not interfere with music and led the audience on. Therefore, invented a form in which the music allows a lot to think through. Of course, there are times invented and spelled out in advance, but the main canvas is the music that is created in the living part of the musicians.—
Is it possible that this is only the beginning and then you become a composer?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»Yes, I’m interested in different genres. What we are doing for the scene – it’s very understandable and clear work. Here, there are always some surprises, other possibilities, I am interested not to become isolated in its genre, so I’m interested in cinema, in theater arts.—
How was the concert in Saint Petersburg?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»We ended with a string band played their concert hits as well as snippets of the new album, which will be released on February 14. Honestly, I promise that we will not do this, but it’s impossible wanted to quickly show fresh material. —
This year you have a lot of projects, but the most important is that you had a son. What’s he like?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»At the moment – me! Is my and his baby pictures, which are just the identical, they are frightening similarities (laughs). My mother’s features also can be traced. In General, an interesting guy.—
He was born…
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»(after a pause)… may 22nd! Interestingly, I do not remember his birthday, not used!—
So he’s Gemini horoscope, believe in predictions?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»I think my wife pays more attention to such things. It is clear that genetic and cosmic data will affect its formation, but education is the most important part. Think I need to watch the development of man.—
After whom you named your son Simon?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»Since we are a musical family, looking for somewhere interesting name. We had a big list, your top sheet to the last thought as you look, you will choose from it. In the end, saw the son, I realized that none of our fancy name doesn’t suit him. Me to this idea led to the midwife: “what’s your name?” – “But not yet” – “it is Necessary to call, a person must have a name!” I was first a son and then took him to a special place where babies are after birth, and went to his wife: “So, we have a meeting in 20 minutes, we must decide the name of the man.” We looked at Google, it was a day of Seeds. When it sounded, we told each other: “Yes, all right.” This was not some deep meaning, serious training, but I am very happy that it happened. The name of the very suitable son.

Many parents try not to show their children, you often post a photo of the son in the Internet…
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»I’m not judging. I have no opinion about star parents, I have not worked out, but it seems to me that the General attitude to personal photos gives a bit of paganism, supposedly the piece of digital information associated with a live person. We just exhibited some fragments of his life, just want to share their joy, we like people to write him nice things. I don’t think that there is some danger. Don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.—
Is it true that with the birth of a child, the world is changing?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»You know, I would not agree with that 100%. Despite the fact that my age is over 30, and I haven’t had a child, the questions “When?” of course, was present. And in my environment, people give birth every month. But I was never obsessed with procreation, I never really thought about it – that is, to me, the transition happened easily: my wife got pregnant, and I knew he was ready. The role of dads feel organic – I love it: rocking son, and even to change diapers. Just in my life a new person came, so no dissonance there.—
It seems that you Julia exemplary marriage…
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой» You know, we’re perfectly normal family that sometimes swears at work and at home – again, what you see is just pictures on the Internet. It is clear that we spent a lifetime translating and do not advertise, we rejoice when we are on the beach and rejoice when autumn leaves are falling, we are totally normal couple of which are lucky with each other. I can only say that if I had a wife, then perhaps some time ago, I would have gone the way of destruction, because this person organizes and turns in a healthy and conscious one. I do, as a musician, the person is chaotic and the meeting with Julia, I was saved and stabilized

She’s a former journalist, so often, the stars come together with media professionals…
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are interviewing them, but Julia I have not been interviewed. At that time I lived so, that it was just another funny story. After a friend’s wedding, drank some shots with Lolita, went to their friends – Dutch architects, with whom long time no see. We had a drink at the next table sit a decent girl, and I’m rude decided to say: “And let them send vodka?” We sent them vodka, laughed at, in the end, this communication Julia gave me his phone with a wrong number. I found this phone in a few days, a couple of times got the wrong number, eventually got through and said, “I do not particularly necessary, but if you want, we can go to one of the jazz party.” It was absolutely boorish intrusion into her life, but we met, went to a party, then live together. After some time I realized that after this meeting, I didn’t want anyone to look. —
If there were no “Voices”, what then?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»Would start or some kind of stagnation… of Course, the musicians are ambitious, we want to open up to the world, to be loved, listened to music and understand. But the aggression builds up until you’re doing something at the table until it finds the exit, the man’s mad. I think I was on some kind of Rubicon. I completely alien TV projects, I don’t accept the system of “American idol” when you came, you did something, dressed in beautiful pants and forced to sing a song that, according to the producers, will bring you success. So I was pressed by all my friends, the wife said, “Dude, cut the crap! Go, will not be worse!” I managed to keep my opinion in this situation. During the show followed my plan: doing what I want, sing the songs they want, arguing with orchestra, when I did not like what he plays and is not allowed to change its nature.—
But “Voices” about you know not so many people.
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»Of course, this is a serious resource, huge horn, in which the whole country had a chance to tell about yourself. People reached out, it’s some number of people we told about its existence – some people liked it and they stayed with us. I think that if it were not so, I would be forced to find another way to broadcast, or it could be that aggression and frustration in the process.—
Dreamed of such popularity?
Антон Беляев: «Я по-хамски вторгся в жизнь любимой»Actually, I love the process, I like to make music. I never dreamed of standing center stage and be in the glow of spotlights, I’m not saying enjoy it, but I like to write music. To be the main character I never planned. But this is not a complaint (laughs).—
Legend has it that Baskov and Kirkorov came to you to record an album, but you turned them down. Is this true?
A little bit wrong. I wrote to Nicholas arrangement, do not know is used or not. It was a time when I was forced to survive, not to say that I am proud of all my works created then, but I do say that it is a great experience, which I was disciplined and prepared for the future. Again, like all musicians, I was lazy, I woke up a little later than we should have, did not come in time. Experienced dissatisfaction from life, and brought themselves to the point that he began to twitch his eyes and a finger on the hand. But I’ve come all this way, went and happy.