The web sparked a new debate about the real father of the younger children Pugacheva

В Сети разгорелись новые споры о настоящем отце младших детей Пугачевой Fans remembered the statement of old favorite Diva Sergei Chelobanova. Before the man claimed that Lisa and Harry could be conceived using his biological material. The singer did not respond to the rumors.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin raising twins Harry and Lisa. Fans of the star couple do not get tired to admire the artistic kids, who now are happy to demonstrate their talents. However, among fans of the artists there were those who are fans of the artists there were those who inclined to the version Chelobanova.

The scandal erupted in 2016, when the program “Secret” one million former favorite Pugacheva Sergei chelobanov made a contradictory statement.

“We with Alla Pugacheva met secretly because at the time our relationship was in both marriages. Alia wanted to have my baby, but a natural way to conceive, we did not. Then we went to one of clinics of Israel and passed their biomaterials”, – said chelobanov.

Then his statement has caused an unprecedented boom, but most fans Pugacheva came to the conclusion that children are very similar to Maxim Galkin. Later Sergey started around a controversial topic, communicating with the press.

Last weekend, chelobanov became the hero of the program “the Stars aligned”. He spoke about how there was his life after incredible popularity. Now the artist lives in the Saratov region together with the young lover and his young son, who recently turned a year.

“Decided to postpone the wedding, we want to son is a little older. The birth of a child has changed my life. Now I almost never drink, spend time with him,” said the musician, talking with Leroy Kudryavtseva.

The appearance of men on TV immediately caused a new wave of rumors about his involvement in the birth of Lisa and Harry Galkinym. Stanislav Sadalsky has supported interest in the topic and wrote a post dedicated to the scandal in his LJ.

Most fans Galkin and Pugacheva agreed that these rumors are not true. “It’s just that the former favorite, Alla has run out of money. So he is trying to use her name, says nonsense”, “a Discrepancy that Harry is remarkably similar to the Maxim”, “I Highly doubt this news. Most likely, Chelobanov just need attention”, – said fans of the Divas.

Now the twins Harry and Lisa for four years. Star parents never tire of Declaration of love to heirs, noting that they have changed their views on life. Maxim Galkin often puts photos and videos, which depicted the younger son and daughter. According to fans, the comedian can be called a perfect father, because he is ready every minute to spend with the kids.