Spouse Alexander Zhulin: “I’m learning a lot from her husband”

Супруга Александра Жулина: «Я многому учусь у мужа» Famous skaters opened a school of dance and figure skating. Admitted as spouse Zhulin, she decided to create such a school after he finished his career on ice. A few days before the opening of the institution Natalia Mikhailova told about the talents of his daughter and the relationship in their family.
Супруга Александра Жулина: «Я многому учусь у мужа»

Alexander Zhulin and Natalia Mikhailova open school dances and skating BEST. The event will take place on 11 November in Sokolniki Park. The older coach’s daughter, 17-year-old Alexander will perform the song “Love”, which was written for her Maxim Fadeev. Among the guests will be many stars of sport and show business: Adelina Sotnikova, Anita Tsoy, Maria Kozhevnikova, and others. On the eve of Natalya said “StarHit”, pocheu she decided to start this project.

“The idea of a Studio was conceived quite long ago, about two years later, after the forced retirement of a skater, – has shared with “StarHit” Mikhailov. The first couple of years, I came in and didn’t understand what I do, which way to go. Tried to train. Many athletes who retired from sport due to injury, faced with this problem – it is difficult to adapt to real life immediately, given the fact that, from an early age, the days were painted in seconds, and a plan of action for the next few years. There was a feeling that I just lost myself.”

The solution came by itself. Natalia started to go to dances, not to lose form, and then she had the idea to open his own Studio and combine a new hobby with skating. The school will be open for free and paid groups. Athletes are well aware that very often gifted children are unable to work as a professional due to lack of funds in the family.

Супруга Александра Жулина: «Я многому учусь у мужа»

“I hope that Studio BEST for many will be a second home and a place to recharge and escape from everyday problems, – continues Natalia. – Dance school offers training in the most popular and popular today, ranging from children’s classical dance, rhythm, baby yoga, pregnancy yoga, children’s gymnastics, Jazz-Fank, Hip-Hop, Vogue and many others, to figure skating training for people of all ages. Over 19 different directions at the area of 330 sq. m. Rooms will meet the highest international standards, and allow for sessions of multiple groups simultaneously, as well as individual lessons.”

In the Studio dancing and figure skating Natalia Mikhailova will work with professional choreographers. The institution will open three dance class, cafe, children’s room, rehearsal room for vocalists.

Супруга Александра Жулина: «Я многому учусь у мужа»“Now in my opinion there is a big problem, children live in the gadgets, – says the skater. – There is a lack of live communication, in such conditions it is very important to help the child to get involved than to shift attention. I am a mom myself, and for me the issue is on the agenda. In our Studio besides the training, a huge focus will be on creating the right creative environment that the child was able to open up, I learned not to be shy and not be afraid to Express yourself”.
Супруга Александра Жулина: «Я многому учусь у мужа»

In January the daughter of Natalia Mikhailova and Alexander Zhulin Catherine will be five years. Girl enjoys Golf, music, and goes to gymnastics. Girl loves older sister, Alexandra, a daughter from the marriage Zhulin and Tatiana Navka.

“Sasha, who will speak at our opening ceremony of the Studio, what we’re really excited, it comes not as often as I would like, but at every opportunity! – continues Mikhailov. – She’s a busy girl, lots to learn, constantly evolving, trying his best to be an independent unit, I think it is not easy, as the fame dads and moms on the one hand serves as an example, on the other, a certain kind of press. But he manages, because she is the person with the rod and with the king in the head. Sasha is very fond of Katya, and my daughter adores her and always, when the elder sister arrives, tries to show all his skills and is waiting for a violent reaction from Sasha. Mainly dancing shows. I’m very glad that between them there was such warm fellowship.”

Also Zhulin youngest daughter loves watching different dance videos, studying them, and then shows my mom and sister. Sometimes Natalie takes her with him to the rink. And another girl is singing songs.

“She has a good ear, adds Natalia. – That’s why we hired her a vocal coach, so now is engaged in now as a big girl! Everything she learns, she wants to show and winning applause. Twine demonstrates. Calls it “superatom” at the same time. In General, the creative person is growing.”

Alexander Zhulin supports all of the ideas and initiatives of the wife. Despite working together, Alexander and Natalia leave the professional questions on the doorstep. “Sasha is a skilled person in this respect and a good command of their emotions, and I’m learning from him, – says the skater. – I do learn a lot from him in life, he is a closed man, not sprayed, I think it is very wise, beyond his love and respect”.