Another child in the family of Andrey Malakhov!

Еще один ребенок в семье Андрея Малахова!
Very soon the broadcaster is expected addition.

Photo: Instagram

More good news: Andrei Malakhov and his wife Natalia Kulevoy who became parents nearly two weeks ago, soon to be born nephew (or niece). It became known that a younger sister Natalia Elena is in the last months of pregnancy. It’s a wonder both sisters got pregnant around the same time, although both married.

Elena Natalia shkuleva under the age of 4 years, but your ideal man she met much earlier. If you believe a few reports in the press, Elena and her husband Artem talked since high school. Shkuleva also works in the company of her father, she is the brand Manager of the projects of Marie Claire and

By the way, Elena lives with her husband on the same street as Natalia and Andrey — in Prechistenka. So young mothers will be able to walk together with strollers near the Temple of Christ the Savior. And little Sasha (so called firstborn Malakhov) will find someone to play when he’s a little older.

Wife of Andrei Malakhov after birth, almost immediately returned to form. Literally 5 days after delivery she first appeared at the event — the birthday of his old friend-a journalist. Natalia shkuleva impressed everyone with small waist and generally looked rested, though a little the first time and does not give her how to sleep.