Engaged Gwyneth Paltrow holds about yourself from the two men

Помолвленная Гвинет Пэлтроу удерживает около себя сразу двух мужчин
The actress is proud of its “modern family.”

Помолвленная Гвинет Пэлтроу удерживает около себя сразу двух мужчин

Gwyneth Paltrow never ceases to amaze with its
fans. A few days ago it became known that the actress got engaged with his
boyfriend — brad Falshakom. Meanwhile, her ex-husband — Chris Martin —
still almost constantly lives in the pulp of the actress. Recently she shared
the photo, which captured the entire company and signed: “Our modern family…”

Gwyneth is proud of the fact that she was able to make friends
two of his men Falcata and Martin. Paltrow, who’s Dating Falshakom
for almost three years, recently became his bride. But this does not prevent her
spending time in the company of his former wife Chris.

Chris and
Gwyneth, who became the parents of two children — son Moses and daughter Apple made the decision to leave in 2014. And completed their divorce last year. During this time, Martin, freed from the bonds of marriage, several
once tried to start Dating other girls. First with Jennifer Lawrence,
then, with Annabelle Wallis, followed by Dakota Johnson. But while none of those novels nothing

None of the aforementioned Hotties are unable
to accept the fact that Martin holidays, vacation and spends weekends with
ex-wife and children. And it is often in the house, Paltrow and ordinary days. Gwyneth
finds this normal and justify regular visits by Chris,
which often spends the night at her house simultaneously with Falshakom, “the need of children
to communicate with their father.” But girlfriend
Martin suspected the actress of selfishness and “possessiveness”. Will
in future, when Gwyneth will be the lawful wife of brad Felchak,
time will tell.