Fans pray for the life of Maxim Fadeev

Поклонники молятся за жизнь Максима Фадеева The producer was in the midst of a disaster. Maxim Fadeev has moved on to another Indonesian island after volcano eruption in Bali. He talks about the situation of his followers, who worried for his life.

For several years a well-known producer Maxim Fadeev spends a couple months a year in Bali. Fans always enjoyed watching the colourful pictures and was glad that in the cold season he can afford to relax and work on a tropical island. However, recently, the famous musician announced some disturbing news – intensified Agung which is the highest point in Bali. Moreover, for local residents it is considered a sacred place. In August of this year the volcano has intensified, and then began the evacuation of people. Not long ago he again made itself felt. Maxim Fadeev told the fans that he became a hostage of the elements and now constantly talks about what is happening on the island.

“The volcano has intensified even more – just a river of concrete, and then hardens, mudslides demolished everything in its path. Increased level of danger, panic at airports, terrible, planes will not fly. To move to another island only by ferry, and it is not possible, as leaving by the hundreds. We hope that all will be well,” said the producer, and published the video.

Fadeev also admitted that he has to go to the mask, to poison gases and ash. Recently, however, Maxim was able to move to another island, where the situation is more calm. There he can walk without protective equipment and breathing clean air. Fadeev said that he settled in the popular hotel. However, guests got there a little bit – he showed the half-empty beach.

Fans are very worried about the life of a producer. They don’t understand why many downplay the danger posed by the volcano. Followers hope that Fadeyev will be able to survive the elements without leaving the island.

“We are with you. Hope for the best! Or at least, that you quickly left the island! Every day I wait from you for news! Everything will be fine! In another way can not be!”, “Each rotok you will not throw a handkerchief. Sadly of course, when in such a situation, people begin to fantasize and comment what you don’t know. We’re worried about you,” “I was hoping you flew to Bali, and you moved to another place, well, even so. Worried about you,” he wrote to fans.