Анна Снаткина воюет с бригадой рабочих The actress is still not finished renovating the house. Anna Snatkina is trying to be strict in order to employed people doing their work on time. The actress admitted that for a long time wants to move into a new house, but its down.
Анна Снаткина воюет с бригадой рабочих

A few years ago, actress Anna Snatkina and her husband Victor Vasiliev bought a house in the suburbs. The actress said that they have started to dream about the house right after we moved in together. After a time, the couple acquired the same estate. However, they had to conduct all communications. Snatkina and Vasiliev was hoping to celebrate a housewarming at the end of last year, but they were not lucky with the workers. According to the couple, the team just stayed at their house from time to time to do some work. Then, the actress has decided to put hard deadlines.

“But even with such a schedule, the company that did the repair, in the end we almost threw. And before the New year, and we wanted to celebrate the holiday in the new house! But the work is not handed in, electrical is not connected, the heating is not working, the flooring is not reported, the tiles leaving. And – piles of garbage everywhere! And what’s more: the workers did not even think to move out!” – said Anna.
Анна Снаткина воюет с бригадой рабочих

According to the actress, the chief designer-architect instead pass the object, flew away to rest. The actress was hard to endure the irresponsibility of people, but because she began to look for a replacement.

Program “Perfect repair” is also engaged in home improvement Anna Snatkina. Together with Natalia Barbier a team of workers repaired the kitchen and living room, as well as landscaping the land around the house, which is now in the warm season the whole family can watch movies outdoors. Snatkina and Vasiliev built a cinema in a country mansion

Despite the fact that the house is still not fully repaired, the family is going there on the weekend. Little Veronica likes to be in nature. Although for many couples repair is a test and a subject of disputes and quarrels, Alice and Bob can easily find a compromise. Snatkina and Vasiliev said in an interview with “7 days” that they know how to negotiate.

“Ana always seems that I do everything slowly. I think that just not in a hurry. Ana I want everything at once, just today! But this difference in the temperaments priest lovely fruit! I now have a warm garage, or whom I say, “wardrobe storage machine,” and his office”, – said the showman.