Suddenly: Rita Dakota talked about his passion

Неожиданно: Рита Дакота рассказала о своей страсти
The singer made the Frank admission.

Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota, which has always had a reputation as a fine
nature and girls with good taste, spoke about what drives her crazy.

“I’m the wildest, crazy fan of perfumes. It
my passion, — says the singer. — Shoes, underwear and perfume, and perfume all the same
pulled into the lead. I don’t know how many hundreds of bottles have been in my dresser
for perfume, but it’s safe to say that all these scents are just space.
It is a veritable Treasury, not otherwise!

“A scent that stirs the soul”…
me, no matter how ridiculous it sounded, the smell is something magical and
ephemeral that makes my heart skip a beat, and then gives me a
a distinct and strange feeling of happiness. And compare it with nothing
I like the smell of man, and all, I’m pretty sure it’s mine, and we
definitely on the way. I once in my childhood a few blocks walked behind the girl,
which rode the tram, and everybody was embarrassed to come to ask, what perfume is that
this. Eventually plucked up the courage to ask this girl we are friends still
then! I remember how her face buried in the neck of Vlad the first time, I immediately started to drift. With
in the evening we never parted.

I remember as a child the evil neighbor
girl broke my Barbie and poured a soft pink bottle “barbichon”
carpet. You understand that crying baby not because of Barbie, buried
nose in the smelly puddle! Needless to say that the book “Perfume” I read once
50 long before the film adaptation.

In General, I usually fall in love with smells that are permanently removed from
production. For example, four favorite perfume for half of jars or even
20 ml “on the bottom” I bought off eBay around the world. And that’s how it is: I like the musician
or actor, and I think, “I Wonder how he smells?” And imagine the smells…
What perfume is Tilde Suiton or Hayley Williams? I’d like to know!