Создатели нового сериала подарили Юрию Гагарину смартфон The premiere of the first documentary project for smartphones 1968.Digital one of its creators, the film Director Timur Bekmambetov was preceded by the following words: “the Most ridiculous Premier in the history of the world!”

Place in Moscow cinema “Wick”, which hosted the presentation, it was possible even not to take. It was easier to turn on your mobile in any other place and see what gave the world and every one of us 1968 – the most important year of the twentieth century.

Yuri Gagarin, Martin Luther king, The Beatles, Mao Zedong, Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Mohammed Ali, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Andrei Sakharov… the Heroes of that time made people feel differently. The space race, the sexual revolution, the struggle against war and for human rights, even the Internet, in fact, invented just 50 years ago.

The idea of 1968.Digital, actual, full-length (scheduled 40 pieces!), and most importantly – the educational show, first occurred to two of its authors: the head of the Studio “History of the future”, journalist Michael Sigara and producer Karen Sainiana.

Each story of our documentary-feature of the epic is told through the screen of the smartphone, which could be the main character. Imagine how Yuri Gagarin sends text messages to Leonid Brezhnev, Gabriel garcía márquez wrote his novel in “Notes” on the phone, Andy Warhol posts pictures from their exhibitions in Instagram, the Beatles have a chat in WhatsApp and Mick Jagger – lays out the future hits..

“The format that we chose, explain the Michael and Karen, physically immerses the viewer in the events. This is such a simple move that allows you to spy what is happening in the world of the hero of the series. And thus to be literally at his place.”

Any part of 1968.Digital has its own name. For example: “Gagarin against the moon”, “the king is dead, long live the king!” or completely unbelievable series under the title “cat Woman vs Lady bird”. It explains how cabaret singer Eartha Kitt rides on a dinner in the White house, unaware that the event will turn into a grandiose scandal…