Anna Shulgina publicly asked for forgiveness from the mother

Анна Шульгина публично попросила прощения у матери Daughter Valerie apologized to her birthday. According to Anna Shulgina, she is grateful to her mother for what she taught her how to endure difficulties, and to achieve new heights. Congratulations to the heiress was joined by family and friends of the artist.

      From early morning friends and acquaintances congratulate the singer Valeria happy birthday. Today, April 17, the artist was 49 years old. As noted by her friends and admirers, she did not look his age: a star is always wearing unmatched and striking in its radiant smile. Close Valerie devoted to her touching posts on social networks.

      “I am proud and happy that fate gives me the opportunity to be with this amazing woman. Fifteenth birthday we celebrate together, and most importantly, that feelings of love will retain the same sharpness. I want Valerie to be happy, loved not only his family, but also a million-strong army of loyal fans,” said stars husband Joseph Prigozhin.

      Behind him the singer was congratulated by her daughter Anna Shulgina. On this day she decided to apologise to my mother for the fact that sometimes didn’t listen to her or acted too boldly.

      “I’m sorry if that offended you, the character is not you, of course, but perfectionism, self-blame (in a good way) and a good heart is yours! You are so kind man, that even too. Thank you for letting us, your children, to find themselves, that never bent his line, and took into account our aspirations. I was lucky that God sent me for you! Thank you for the fact that I was already a school of life (you know what I mean). You and your actions made me who I am now. I hope that your only daughter live up to your expectations,” said Shulgin.

      Anna went in her mother’s footsteps and has already released a few songs that have impressed her fans. In addition, the repertoire of the young artist has a song dedicated to Valeria, which is called “Mother”. Shulgin has admitted that in many ways tried to follow the example of a mother. However, from an early age, the girl didn’t like that their family is constantly monitored by journalists. Over time, she realized that it was the downside of popularity.

      Anna Shulgin: “Beloved is not happy with me scandals over Boyfriends”

      “When I was little, I really did not like that our family life is not personal. Remember when around the school, stalking the paparazzi – it was traumatic for me. But eventually, as I grew older, I realized that each was just doing his job. These people meant me no harm, they just have such a profession. If I went that route, I can’t complain. For me it is a conscious choice – I used that constantly in the limelight,” said Anna.

      Congratulations to the family of Valerie was joined by her friends Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Igor Gulyaev, Inna Malikova and many others. Celebrities left on the pages in social networks posts, in which the singer wished happiness and love, and thanked her for her work.