Larisa Udovichenko has revealed details of the divorce Larisa Guzeeva

Лариса Удовиченко раскрыла детали развода Ларисы Гузеевой The famous actress was the special guest of the program “Tilfellet” and asked the contestants to cook a delicious cake for her niece. During the broadcast of the TV show Larisa Udovichenko told about my first marriage leading Larisa Guzeeva, which lasted just a few days.

      Лариса Удовиченко раскрыла детали развода Ларисы Гузеевой

      Sunday, April 16, on the screens out the next issue of “Tilfellet”. In the air, timed to the celebration of Easter, the program participants prepared a few dishes – the author’s pie with meat, cake and a cake for a special guest.

      The guest star of the show was the actress Larissa Udovichenko, which is called to appreciate the efforts of the cooks. A woman reported that her niece will soon be a wedding anniversary. “I would like her to give her a birthday cake. It you have to bake” – with these words, the celebrity turned to the contestants.

      Udovichenko said that it is all about the taste of the festive dessert, and the shape and flow are not critical. “We all love soft, soaked cake. It can be in the shape of a ship, rockets,” shared the star.

      While the cooks perform the job of Larissa Udovichenko, the actress decided to recall the past and share interesting stories. So, she remembered about the first marriage ceremony the program presenter Larisa Guzeeva.

      “I have a picture from your wedding where I was maid of honor. By the way, that was three husbands ago. This wedding lasted half an hour. After half an hour we came to the hotel. We slept on very narrow beds, so sideways,” said Udovichenko.
      Лариса Удовиченко раскрыла детали развода Ларисы Гузеевой

      In turn, Larissa guzeyeva told that soon broke up with that lover. “In the morning they came for me, husband, and I, like, don’t want to be a wife,” shared the star. Friend TV presenter and actress also noted that immediately after this Guzeeva divorced.

      We will add that according to official information, the first husband of the famous actress and presenter was the assistant cameraman of the film “Rivals”, whose name was Ilya. Marriage Guzeeva and her colleagues lasted seven years. All the years of her marriage, the actress struggled with drug addiction of a loved one.

      Second husband became a celebrity scholar Kakha Tolordava, won the actress for her charm and intelligence. Larisa Guzeeva gave him a son George. A few days before the birth of an heir lovers legalized relationships, but their marriage did not last long.

      The third chosen one star became a restaurateur Igor Bukharov, who, by the way, can also be seen in the program of the First channel “Tilfellet”. The man acts as the expert of the TV show. Wedding Bukharova and Guzeeva was held in 1999. The couple has a daughter Olga, who was born a year after the marriage ceremony. Larisa Guzeeva: “We with Igor have experienced a very difficult winter”