The son of Tatiana Bulanova spoke about the breakup of parents

Сын Татьяны Булановой высказался о расставании родителей The actress and her charming successor Nikita became heroes of the popular program. According to Tatiana Bulanova, she continues to communicate with her ex-husband. In turn, little Nikita philosophically reacted to the decision of the loved ones.

      Сын Татьяны Булановой высказался о расставании родителей

      Last year it became known that the singer Tatyana Bulanova divorced from her husband, football player Vladislav Radimov. Not so long ago a celebrity and her son Nikita became the heroes of the program “Family album”. During the conversation with the leading Eugene Gogolevim the singer openly spoke about his relationship with the former spouse. Despite the fact that the artist went with the chosen one, she speaks of him fondly. Tatiana and Vladislav continue to communicate and educate the total child.

      “Ended some stage in life… With Nicky (her first husband — Approx. ed.) I got divorced because she fell in love with Vlad. Vlad and I broke up for a completely different reason, don’t want to talk details. I decided that it would be correct and better. Of course, if I fell, I would have moved to a new state and it would be easier. And so sad anyway,” – shared the singer.

      In turn, the son of the actress said that after the breakup of his parents, he began to better communicate with his father. To the question about how he took the news about the divorce of mom and dad, Nikita answered, which is fine. “Just when they divorced, that is their personal problem. They divorced… that doesn’t concern Me”, – said the boy.

      Tatyana Bulanova has confirmed words of the son of his good fellowship with the father. “We have a wonderful relationship. And I think they are even better than they were,” said the singer.

      Recall that the first husband of the famous singer was a musician and producer Nikolai Tagrin. The married artists continued for about thirteen years. In March 1993, Tatiana spouse gave adorable son Alexander. The eldest heir to the stars is of great independence and itself contains. Since the students, the young man began to work at the coffee shop.

      Despite the fact that Nicholas and Tatiana broke up, they continue to communicate with each other. In a recent interview, the singer said that her ex-boyfriend is happily married with a young wife.

      The second spouse of the celebrity became a coach and football player Vladislav Radimov. Wedding lovers was held in October 2005. Two years after the marriage ceremony the couple had an adorable son Nikita.

      In December last year, the actress publicly announced the breakup with the athlete. This Tatyana said in his Instagram. “Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not very, but I am grateful for meeting with you. And know that you are still like family to me and always can count on my help and support in everything!” – wrote a star in social networks. Tatyana Bulanova about the mistress of her husband: “I feel sorry for that person”