Анна Шульгина зажгла на девичнике Daughter of singer Valeria tried on the bride’s veil. Anna Shulgin had a great time with friends in one of night clubs of the capital. The aspiring singer admitted that she haven’t had so much fun.

      The daughter of the famous singer Valeria Anna Shulgin preparing for the wedding. Only the issue is not about the triumph of the Anna. Married in a week, will one of your friends an aspiring singer. And on the eve, following the tradition, the bride invited friends to a bachelorette party in one of fashionable clubs of Moscow.

      Seeing beauty in a new, married life, girls having fun till you drop. Do not hold back himself and Ann Shulgin. She came to the party in a white outfit tried on the bride’s veil, which, by the way, really suits her. The culmination of the holiday was the disco. The girls headed with the future bride is dashing danced under incendiary rhythms. Anna Shulgin admits that very happy for my friend who met the main man of his life and is ready to become his loyal companion.

      “For a long time I had so much fun. After a week my darling girl will be a wife. Happy for myself,” commented Anna Shulgin incendiary video in microblogging.

      The very same 22-year-old daughter Valeria in marriage is not in a hurry. Anna Shulgin decided to focus on building a singing career, began after the mother climb to the musical Olympus. However, she does not limit itself to only singing. Most recently, Anna Shulgin has become the leading on the music channel.

      Pursuing self-fulfillment, a young girl finds time for a personal life. Anna’s favorite person, which was very well received by her family. Anna Shulgin: “Beloved is not happy with me scandals over Boyfriends”

      The guy known as Sergei Slem, working with the aspiring singer as a producer. Fans of Anna are convinced that it is associated not only creative relationship with the young man. However, a couple does not hide tender feelings – on the page of Sergey on Instagram often appear joint photo with Shulgina, who kisses or hugs him. By the way, the young man Anna Shulgina has nothing against her popularity and, as a consequence, a large army of fans.

      “I always choose only those who sees me for who I am,” said the aspiring singer and the TV presenter in a recent interview with “StarHit”. – I love what I do, it’s part of me, so he understands everything. To my popularity, he is quiet. Even if some of the young men trying to win my attention, he’s not happy with the scandals, because he knows that I am an adequate woman.

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