Олеся Судзиловская раскрыла секрет феноменальной стройности The actress told how to lose weight after the second birth. Olesya Sudzilovskaya became a mother just six months ago, and already shows a trim figure. In response to the request of fans, the star gave a small master class in the microblog on the topic of bringing in shape after pregnancy and childbirth.

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya is certainly one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Russian cinema. The chic appearance and artistic talent to provide for her roles in the best films.

      It has no power over this actress, 42 years old, the star looks very young and fresh, has beautiful skin and a slender mill. In this case fans of Olesya Sudzilovskaia can see constantly, looking at pictures of her in microblogging. But yesterday, it struck even the most dedicated of their fans by posting a selfie in a bathing suit. Olesya Sudzilovskaya shows gorgeous body after giving birth

      Fans who came to delight from the looks of the actress in half a year after the second birth, then pelted her with questions on the topics of weight loss. And responding to their requests, Olesya Sudzilovskaya arranged a small master-class for everyone to follow her example and explained why in the first months of baby’s life she forbade yourself to drink coffee.

      “I gave birth six months ago, and therefore now hard to go back to the previous form. Engaged in sports until the last week before birth. Swimming, and walking. Back to classes a month after the event. Massage once a week. I breast-feed. Coffee drink stimulating rather than calming. for itself made a choice to refrain from drinking coffee in the initial phase of feeding. Now, when introduced into your baby’s diet vegetables, and cereals, and his tummy used to digesting other “difficult” products, trying to introduce in your diet some fish, red, berries, sweets and coffee!” – said the actress, promising that they would continue to share the experience.

      It is obvious that playing sports during pregnancy helped Olesya Sudzilovskaia not to gain weight. We will remind, the actress has started to show a slim figure in just a few weeks after birth. Then she returned to the set.

      Interestingly, in matters of personal life Olesya Sudzilovskaya is not as open as in matters of weight loss. For example, about the second pregnancy of the star of not only the General public but her colleagues became known just a few months before the baby was born. Had long kept the artist and the intrigue around the name of her son, saying that she and her husband decided to name the heir to the Mike only when the boy was four months.

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