Возлюбленная Николая Баскова поразила точеной фигурой Sophie of Kalcheva posing in a skimpy bikini. Fiancee Nikolai Baskov is not very happy with the forms, considering that gained weight during the holidays. However, fans of the girls a shot of her in a swimsuit was delighted.

      Beloved singer Nikolai Baskov Sophie of Kalcheva is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet. The number of subscribers microblog Sophie is growing, in particular due to the beautiful images that the beloved singer has indulged its fans.

      These days the young woman has a rest in Greece, where he spent a lot of time on the beach, and of course, never misses an opportunity to demonstrate your beautiful figure. Sophie travels one lover couldn’t accompany her – Nikolai Baskov is in the Crimea, at the children’s contest “New wave”. One of the shots of Sophie, where she poses in her skimpy bikini, created a furor among her fans. They found that the lover Nikolai Baskov built like a goddess and has perfect forms. However, by Sophie Kalcheva think her figure is far from ideal. She complained that during the holiday relaxed and gained weight. “Oh, stay a little scored. Well, nothing!” – immediately reassured Sophie herself.

      Members of the beauty her words understood in their own way and then he began to tell his darling that she has no excess weight.

      “As always, gorgeous!”, “Sonia, I really couldn’t say. Looking good, figure – super, swimsuit – another masterpiece!”, “A figure of perfect, fantastic and incredible!”, “Keep it up! Sonia, you are an example to many!”, – covered Kalcheva her followers.

      We will remind, relations Nikolai Baskov and Sophie Kalcheva started talking in the summer of 2014, when the couple appeared together in public. At the festival “New wave” artist willingly presented his new beloved. Despite what many fans believe that Sophie and Nicholas are a perfect couple and perfect for each other, lovers are in no hurry to go to the Registrar. Nikolay Baskov has no plans to marry his beloved

      Besides, Kalcheva and Baskov share not only a romantic relationship. A couple of successful joint creative work. Beloved record songs and shoot videos. The debut song “my happiness” won the affection of listeners and received numerous awards from the music channels and premiums. Nikolay Baskov in the spring admitted that the talks about the wedding video with Sophie was postponed for about six months. This fall the singer will be 40 years old, and he does not exclude that, having passed this milestone, will change his mind about marriage. While Nicholas arrange an open relationship with his chosen, which brings them both much joy.

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