Anna Semenovich was robbed in Venice

Анну Семенович обокрали в Венеции
Brazen criminals took the property of the singer from the balcony.

Photo: Instagram

The past holiday weekend Anna Semenovich held in Venice. With whom the singer went to the most romantic city in the world, the star says. But she told me about an outrageous story that happened to her on Easter morning.

S. lived in the old hotel (a new island in the territory of Venice to find) with a gorgeous balcony and superb view of the canal. And then decided to dine Anna in the feast. Specially for the Easter Breakfast Anna from Moscow brought a cake and a few colored eggs. In Italy Easter is celebrated a week ago, and the singer was afraid that you will not find here the traditional baking.

Of course, before solemnly eat the cake, Anna took a photo of it and went for coffee in your room. When she returned to the balcony, from the cake leaving only crumbs.

“Those are sea gulls blatantly stole from me! — said the singer. — Left only egg on a silver platter!”

S. was upset for a long time but sad its rules. Anna wearing a bright yellow raincoat and went walking. This Sunday afternoon she decided to take a great boat trip around the city by gondola.

“Very nice! Such colored houses, — said Sobyanin emotions. — I got a very cute gondolier, his name is Luca. By the way, to ride the gondola in Venice is expensive. Half an hour cost almost 100 euros.”

However, even this time of walking tourists could not resist. All except the mayor, got off at the first stop and went to the bar. But the singer stayed to the end. All day star walked and enjoyed the views of the city, delicious food and beautiful weather. And in the evening, when darkness fell, the water taxi went to the airport.