Ляйсан Утяшева с детьми покинула Россию
Gymnast waited for a well-deserved vacation.

Ляйсан Утяшева с детьми покинула Россию

At Laysan Utyasheva was a small break in the performances, which the gymnast decided to take a trip to the sea. Athlete, along with two children, Robert and Sophia, went to warmer climes. They were joined by Paul Will, the head of the family. Information on exactly where the family spends holidays, kept secret. But Rosie already published in the microblog bright summer photo. Probably in the near future social networks will be enriched by a series of vacation photos of the pair.

Laysan utiasheva with children Robert and Sophia

Children utiasheva continued to photograph from the back. Only a couple of times in the leaked random footage, which you can try to see the appearance of a son and a daughter gymnast. The rest of the time she is watching to the appearance of Robert and Sophia did not become public knowledge. Rosie holds a clear position: children of irresponsible age are unable to decide for themselves whether they want to be part of the public life of the parents or not. Utiasheva expects that children will grow up and take an independent decision.

Meanwhile, already on may 21 in the life of Rosie will be significant and exciting event: utiasheva will unveil a dance show Bolero. Gymnast toured with the author’s project in the cities of Russia already more than five months, but not yet submitted it to the Metropolitan audience.