Anna Semenovich was in the same bed with Alexey Vorobyov

Анна Семенович оказалась в одной постели с Алексеем Воробьевым The presenter was unable to resist the Director of the video “I Want to be with you.” S. Vorobyov allowed to do anything and completely trusted the man. Fans of celebrities came to the delight of candid shots that they posted in microblogs.
Анна Семенович оказалась в одной постели с Алексеем Воробьевым

Recently hosted the filming of the clip “Wanna be with you”, directed by the talented Alexey Vorobyov. The actor and musician came up with a fascinating story in which the main role is given to Anna Semenovich. The woman appeared in front of the camera in sexy outfits. For filming was chosen one of the cozy restaurants of Moscow. Judging by the pictures in the microblog Semenovich, the video will be very Frank.

For Vorobyov this video is not the first directorial work. He managed to find Anna. In addition to S. in the video starred a girl. On one of the frames they are lying in their underwear on the floor, and a Sparrow holding her legs.

“Before giving the task to the actors as a Director is simply obliged to always check the reliability and validity of actions in the given circumstances in order not to demand from artists that may not be true. So, here check the veracity of the actions in the given circumstances on the filming of the clip”, – said Vorobyov.

In another scene Semenovich appeared on the bed, and in the background is a brutal movie Director. Frame caused heated discussions among fans Vorobyov. Some condemned the artist for such a provocative footage in the microblog. “Alex, clear better something more decent and not vulgar, the grotesque in a sex scene”, “the impression that you don’t clip off and porn”, “How can these photos be put,” wrote the followers of the artist.

Fans Semenovich was delighted, seeing new candid shots of pet. Actress tried on low-cut mini-dress that emphasized the dignity of her figure. Most of the followers of the star admire her forms. “Your Breasts are gorgeous, gorgeous lips, eyes deep and charming”, “You sexy thing”, “You really are a goddess, very beautiful” – such compliments left in the comments fans Semenovich.

Recall that some time ago Alexey Vorobyov took part in the popular American project. The actor played one of the roles in the series Unreal. Celebrity sent videoproby Director and got the role.

“My character is the most complex and unpredictable character of this season. To play such a difficult character in the popular American project – a real success for a foreign actor.” – told the man.