Владимир Кехман вышел из декретного отпуска The man proceeded to his duties. Earlier, the Deputy Natalia Pinus accused Vladimir Kekhman that he deliberately withdrew from the leadership of the Novosibirsk academic theatre of Opera and ballet, in order to avoid dismissal.

Today the General Director of the Novosibirsk academic Opera and ballet theatre Vladimir Kekhman returned to his duties. In April of this year his wife, socialite IDA Lolo, had a baby girl. By law, one parent may take a leave of absence for child care for three years, but Kekhman decided that three months would be enough to stay close to the family. His decision the Director-General explained that his heir had matured. The baby was born prematurely, but because she needed special care.

“My maternity leave to care for a child completed, – quotes the man the website of the theatre. – Daughter turned three months old, she was strong. In the first weeks of life, it required a tireless, minute-to-minute care and I am very glad I was able all this time to be with family and to care for the child. I’m going back to work. Due to the fact that the public shows high interest in my family circumstances, I can report that now his wife will help take care of the child with the grandmother, who came from Novosibirsk”.

Now IDA daughter are in France. The woman does not refuse to itself in pleasure: happy to attend social events, sunbathing on the beach and Dating friends. Unlike many moms that fill the cute pictures in the microblog accounts, the socialite says nothing about the child to the wider public.

Interestingly, the issue of maternity leave, Vladimir Kekhman has attracted the attention of the Deputy Natalia Pinus. Last year Vladimir Kekhman was declared bankrupt at the suit of the savings Bank, and therefore is now selling its assets. According to the law within three years, the debtors have no right to occupy leadership positions. Woman knitted these circumstances and suggested that child care has become the perfect excuse to avoid the hardships of work. But now, apparently, these arguments were incorrect. Husband of IDA Lolo went on maternity leave to avoid layoffs

Kekhman told me that the baby needed extra care because she was born prematurely. The child’s weight was two pounds. Before the birth of IDA lying on the conservation in the hospital. For this she even extended visa, to avoid flights in another country.