Наталья Фриске в купальнике вызвала восторг фанатов Girl is relaxing in Bali. Natalia Friske regularly shares photos from vacation and tells the users of the Network about how her journey. On one of the images she is depicted in an elegant posture.
Наталья Фриске в купальнике вызвала восторг фанатов

Sister Jeanne Friske Natalia is now resting on the island of Bali. The girl went on vacation with her husband Sergei. Apparently, the couple having a good time – they enjoy the warm weather and visit various attractions and, of course, spend a lot of time on the water.

Natalia has published in the microblog the photo that I took near the waterfall. The picture shows how she is sitting on a rock in a bathing suit. The girl turned her back to the camera, slightly left foot and showed the face in profile. Members of sister Jeanne Friske was delighted with her grace. The followers noted that she looks beautiful and her figure worthy of admiration.

“You are beautiful, gentle and beautiful”, “Natalia, chic look. A funky oasis. And beautiful finora!”, “What a beauty. For the sake of such moments worth living! Natasha, you look amazing,” wrote netizens.

Natalia tries to visit as many beautiful places on Bali. She admires nature and sights. However, leave spouses overshadows the unstable weather. Despite the fact that usually in June on the island starts favorable season, the pair happened to be caught in the rain.

“I woke up today at five in the morning (as usual), thought I’d sleep till noon. I don’t know why I’m always so early Wake up. And the weather deteriorated. Wanted to sunbathe, get wet in the rain. Wanted to surf – the waves are not very. Now sitting in a cafe, drink tea, look at the rain” – wrote in the microblog Friske.

Subscribers are encouraged to Natalia and assured that soon the clouds will part and they will be able to implement all their plans. The girl tries to keep followers informed of what’s going on with her on the island. She gladly shares her impressions from the trip and publish illustrated with vivid pictures. Natalia Friske boasted a perfect body in Bali

“360 steps down, then back the same way. I was sweating like a horse, swam in two waterfalls. Beat off all the legs on the rocks. Pofotkalis, charged unreal energy of these waterfalls. Back to the road was hard, I thought I would die. But it was worth it! Bali is like another, I really like it here. Can’t describe my feelings,” wrote the woman.