Сергей Лазарев увез сына на гастроли
Artist tries to hold a three-year Nikita free time.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Lazarev is doing everything to his three year old son Nikita was happy. Especially cherished singer refers to the assertion,
that parents have to spend with your kids as much as possible. Here
why, realizing that the gap in the work there is not expected, the artist decided to take
a boy on tour. By happy coincidence, the next concert was to be held
in Turkey. Lazarev now combines the useful with the pleasant: in the afternoon spending time with
child, and in the evenings gives concerts.

By the way, Sergey, unlike many of his colleagues, strongly opposed
to PR own child. He hid the baby for two and a half years even
from the closest people. For example, Phillip Kirkorov with whom the artist is very friendly
learned about the presence of
Sergei’s son at the same time with everyone else in December of last year. But
the king of pop was one of the first who had the honor of a personal acquaintance with

Spring Lazarev flew with his son on vacation in Miami, where at the same time
rested and Kirkorov. There was held the first meeting Nikita with Philip. After
the singer told how “amazing” the child grows in the family of Sergei.

“He is just one person! Anyway
sweet baby I have not met. Nikita is an incredible boy and
some kind of awesome. When you see them, you’ll understand. Baby is a miracle!” —
said Kirkorov.