Анна Семенович показала результат похудения
Instead of resting, the singer is actively involved in sports.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Evgeny Maslennikov

Anna Semenovich once again set out to lose
a few extra pounds. Even the fact that now the singer is on vacation in
Italy doesn’t stop Anna. Each day Semenovich starts with serious
sports training, and then, during the day, and again load an

“Greetings to you from Italy, I already swam 3 km and
now I plan to do some stretches!” — said Anna. As proof, she
published a picture which showed a trim figure. Performer
arrived in one of the gastronomic capitals of a couple of days ago, but intends
to hold and not to lean on various Goodies, not to spoil the results
his Transfiguration.

By the way, not so long ago S. came back from
a trip to Greece, where he kept himself in the “iron fist”. She
his confession, tried calorie bun with cream, which “put
eyes” at the beginning of the holiday, only the day of departure and was very proud of.
However, how much is enough exposure of the singer in Italy, where every corner
sold delicious, it’s hard to say.

Meanwhile, much to lose weight Semenovich did not seem
going to, because she is proud of her forms. So, one of the vacation photos
She signed: “Butt-nut, like Jennifer Lopez”. Fans supported her and
agreed that this is the place Anna is much more extraordinary than that
overseas stars.

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