Алена Водонаева выгнала молодого жениха из дома
The TV presenter broke up with Anton Korotkov.

Anton Korotkov, Alena Vodonaeva and her son Bogdan

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

Alain Vodonaeva admitted that her relationship with Anton Korotkov much like a roller coaster. According to the presenter they have repeatedly broken up, but then again reconciled. The last fight of the future spouses was held recently during their joint stay with the child Alena — Bogdan.

“Wherever we visited, we consistently “over forever” for an hour or two and someone will begin to collect the bags. I usually. I always leave forever. But here I can’t leave, another level of responsibility. I am the mother cat. Therefore, the suitcase is collected Anton. Already dismantled…” — said Vodonaeva.

Incidentally, fans suspect that with the same passions, the wedding of which so many lovers say, may not take place. The triumph has already been postponed until next year because of the superstition Alena. And now fans are worried that the Union Vodonaevoy and Korotkova can do at any moment to fall apart.

Recall that after her divorce from businessman Alexei Malakaeva, which was formalized in 2013, Alyona Vodonaeva were almost never alone. For some time she dated restaurateur Fame Panterova, shortly after he was in her life appeared the Petersburg partier Yuri Anda. Later place in the heart of Vodonaevoy took the young rider Artem Korolev. And only Anton Korotkov has managed to make the willful and freedom-loving Allen, who has a son Bogdan (from first husband) again decided on a trip to the registry office.

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