Ким Кардашьян втайне сделала себе подтяжку живота
Fans suspected the reality star of cheating.

Ким Кардашьян втайне сделала себе подтяжку живота

Kim Kardashian February 2016

Photo: Instagram.com

Kim Kardashian August 2016

Photo: Splash News/East news

Until recently, Kim Kardashian, which
extremely proud in what form she managed to get after childbirth
second child claimed that all its achievements are the fruit of diet and physical
exercises. Recently, however, the stars in the microblogging message came from
a well-known specialist in plastic surgery, who unwittingly gave Kim.
This story was told Internet site Dailymail.

A few days ago, Kardashian left on his page
the message: “Thank you Dr. Oriana. While I still hate him, but I will definitely
to experience gratitude later!” This, apparently, was to understand
the sense that she went through an extremely painful procedure, but in the end
expecting a good results. And the doctor, in response to her message, mentioned
what procedures it has implemented a “facelift” and “facelift
belly”. It turns out that the incredibly slim waist, which shows off Kim —
is not the result of work in the gym, and the fruit of plastic surgery or something
a similar procedure!

Of course, not all achieve Kim for restoring
figure after the baby is born – due to Dr. Oriana. After all, Kim for 7 months,
since the birth of the baby Senta, really
lost. If you believe the Kardashian, during this time, she lost 32
pounds and weighs now around 57. Thus, as stated by Kim, she’s not going
to stop there and wants to lose another three pounds.

But to bring her figure in such a way
now, Kardashian is showing off, just enough to get rid of excess fat. After All, Kim
says that now it has become more “voluptuous” than ever before. And
apparently, her almost wasp waist, as well as more volume is the same part a little lower
the back, which she became famous — not the result of the work Kim over them, and the fruit
the art of Dr. Oriana. On hearing this,
many fans of the stars have experienced huge letdown.

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