Anna Semenovich left in a medical sanatorium

Анна Семенович уехала в лечебный санаторий
The singer spends time with his parents.

Anna Semenovich with parents

Anna Semenovich loving care for parents,
go with them to the health Spa of thermal waters in the Caucasus. It was there, in
one of the sanatoria of Zheleznovodsk, the family spent time with advantage, not only
well rested, but also improve health. Singer for a vacation with parents is
tradition, which she strictly adheres to.

“What a pleasure to spend time with their parents — smiling Anna.
We are always busy, working a lot, and we think that our parents still
very young. We often just don’t have time to communicate with them. I gave
myself several times a year for a vacation with the family. Recently, we together
rest in a sanatorium. It is such a joy to watch loved ones, especially
when they like everything! My passed full inspection by qualified
doctors, a little heal and, of course, drank water from the source. Zheleznovodsk — a magical place! There are so
beautiful, such a nature! I as a citizen of the metropolis is appreciated”.