VIDEO: Vladimir Presnyakov confused with his eldest son

ВИДЕО: Владимира Преснякова перепутали со старшим сыном
Fans could not believe their eyes, seeing the piece of film with the participation of the singer.

Vladimir Presnyakov amazed fans by publishing to your
microblog a fragment of the Soviet film “the Intruder”, where the singer dances in the style of
disco. However, subscribers to the personal page of the artist shocked not himself
the video and the fact that in this film Vladimir looks exactly the same as it is now
the elder son Nikita.

“Oh my God, I knew that Nikita look like you, but
here is just one person! At first I thought it was Nikita!” — wrote fans.

However, some wonder in no hurry, because we know that
Vladimir incredibly strong genetics. So, the younger son Artemy also very
similar to the famous dad.

“The similarities of Artemia with little Vova immediately catches the eye. And
Lena (Elena
Petrovna Presniakovas — Approx. ed) — because Dylan was a child was really on his
my mom is like, — said Natalia Podolsky in an interview with the magazine “7 days”. But the Topic has
something elusive and from my dad — no-one but me, my mom, sisters
and brother, does not notice. Something in the eyes, in the cheeks… I think our Podolsk
rod will appear!”.

Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: Instagram