In Britain, the rumour spread about the death of the husband of Queen Elizabeth

В Британии распространился слух о кончине супруга королевы Елизаветы
The representative of Buckingham Palace made an emergency statement.

В Британии распространился слух о кончине супруга королевы Елизаветы

This morning
employees of the state of Buckingham Palace have experienced a real shock in
urgently convened an emergency meeting, the agenda of which is not
reported. A parallel spread a rumour that the reason for this
unplanned in advance of the collection, ostensibly, is that he died the husband of Elizabeth II — Prince Philip. Fortunately, it turned out that
it’s not that serious. As reported by the participants to the meeting, the total fee was
declared in order to announce important news: Prince Philip leaves ”
resignation”. This was reported by news agencies and many Internet sites

For starters, the press Secretary
Buckingham Palace calmed the crowd, saying that “the Queen and her
spouse is alive.” And then read out a special statement: “Prince Philip took
the decision not to participate more in public activities. He will keep his
obligations already planned for the period to August this year.
However, since the beginning of autumn it will no longer
to take part in such events”. Thus in the statement it is specified that despite
this Prince nominally remain honorable
boss 780(!) organizations and societies that took care of it. Just now he will no more play in their work active
the role and personally to appear at events.

Thus, Prince Philip, has completed his
almost 70 years of activities which he started, becoming the lawful spouse
did not yet Queen, and Princess Elizabeth in November 1947. Recall that although this June, the husband of the Queen will be 96 years old, he
until very recently continued to carry out my duties as a member
of the Royal family.