Anna Sedokova told, how to cope with stress

Анна Седокова рассказала, как справляется со стрессом
The singer tries to always keep themselves in good shape to have the strength to fight for the daughter that the ex-spouse is trying to sue her.

Photo: photo from personal archive of Anna Sedokova

The crisis in the personal life of Anna, of which she recently told in social networks, really
the case continues for several months. Previously, the singer generally afraid to raise this
theme. Her followers became suspicious just by the fact that on the pages
Sedokova has ceased to appear photos of her six daughters
Monica. As it turned out, the girl’s father, businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, forbade Anna to post pictures Monica. He took away the daughter to itself, so the singer can meet a girl only with his permission, only in the presence of the matron, and communication takes place in English.
Monica lives with her father and grandmother in America.
Now the singer works, to be able to hire a good
lawyers, and not allow himself to relax. She always needs to be in shape
to give concerts, go on tour, shoot videos and earn and fight for Monica. But still it brings the eldest daughter, 13-year-old Alina, and year-old son of Hector…

“The realization that
you should concentrate on the pluses, not the minuses, came to me immediately, but it helps to live, — has told Anna. For example, after the third birth, I gained 10 pounds. For some it’s a reason to be upset, but I on all sides make compliments. But I just accept myself for who I am”.

The singer never returned to my ideal weight of 60 kilograms. Its quite satisfied with the current 65, and it ensures only that the weight is distributed correctly. A lot has been in the gym, doing massages. And more
Anna just loves running. “Every day, wherever he is, I’m sure
start with him. Long run in the mornings
along the waterfront at the house, she says. —
My secret: do two jackets, two pants and belt for
weight loss. If you add a massage, your body will become perfect.”

the singer says that he never complied with the diet, happy
remembers grandmother’s delicious dumplings and confesses that she loves Italian pasta.
“Since I am active in sports, extra pounds I am not afraid. When
understand that getting over the edge, making a big bowl of salad and replace it
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

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