С «поломанного» Григория Лепса сняли запрет на въезд в Израиль
The lawyer of the singer shared details of the judgement.

Grigory Leps

Photo: @gvleps Instagram Grigory Leps

Last week, Israeli police banned Grigory Leps entry to the territory of the country. All this time, the singer’s lawyers tried to resolve the situation. Today it became known that the defenders of the artist managed to achieve the desired result. Leps may again give concerts in Israel, which he will do in the coming days.

“We went to court, the answer was supposed to be on may 23 but they gave it early, quotes Life source. — The miracle happened: the Israeli police admitted their mistakes…”

The decision of the Israeli authorities at the same time delighted and disappointed fans of Gregory. The fact that less than a week ago Leps was hospitalized after a very bad fall in the shower. The result of the injury he had four broken ribs and a collapsed lung! Two days later, the actor escaped a receipt from the medical institution and returned to his former work schedule. On the third day he spoke at the anniversary concert of Mikhail Gutseriev, and then took part in many hours of filming TV shows.

Fans seriously worried for the health of Leps, because untreated injuries, especially those serious, may in the future cause complications. Gregory receives messages in the social networks to keep their health.