Anna Sedokova revealed the secret, why so young looks

Анна Седокова раскрыла секрет, почему так молодо выглядит
The singer showed her grandmother-the veteran — the woman in the photo will not give, and 50.

Анна Седокова раскрыла секрет, почему так молодо выглядит

Grandma Anna Sedokova Leah

Photo: @annasedokova (Instagram Anna Sedokova)

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Instagram Anna Sedokova)

Turns out it was in the genes. Yesterday Anna Sedokova congratulated the day
the victory of his grandmother Leah, past the war. However, the singer refused
to specify the exact age Granny. He just said that to eighty years
he worked as a doctor. Photograph of veteran
caused fans a lot of emotions. Some do not even believe that
photograph shows a veteran, so blooming and youthful look

While some admired the look of a man who
according to conservative estimates must be over ninety, others simply didn’t believe it
fresh photo.

“The photo was taken yesterday — shared a singer — I don’t
can you name the exact age of grandma — she will swear. I can only say that along with grandpa’s grandmother survived the war. They were very young. 14-year-old
the girl’s grandmother worked in a factory. Grandma specialty radiologist”.

Because Sedokova may 9 was overseas, and my grandmother in Tomsk, she
congratulated someone close on Skype, calling to the computer, his daughters Monica and Alina.

“Before you call the girls to the notebook, I again reminded them how very young my grandmother worked hard, and that the most delicious treat in those years were potato peelings. I think it is very important that the children remembered the great Patriotic war, about the trial which were our grandparents”.

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