Eva Mendes became a mother for the second time

Ева Мендес стала мамой во второй раз
The actress did not have time to confirm her pregnancy.

Eva Mendes

Photo: Instagram

A message appeared on the Internet portal TMZ.com,
became a real sensation. According to reporters, the actress Eva Mendes in secret
gave birth to their second child — a daughter.

According to the birth certificate, a copy of which managed to get the reporters
TMZ.com baby appeared
to light back on April 29, at eight in the morning. In the column “parents” recorded by: Eva De La Caridad
Mendes and Ryan Thomas Gosling – the full names of the actress and her boyfriend. Girl
was born in hospital St. John’s Center, located in Santa Monica.
The certificate indicated the name and surname of the newborn — Amada Lee
Gosling. Interestingly, her older daughter, who was born a little more than six years ago
ago, Mendes and Gosling was given the name Esmeralda Amada. However, reuse
the name Amada is understandable — the so-called dearly beloved mother eve.

The news that Eva gave birth to, was a real surprise. The thing is,
not all even knew Mendes was ever pregnant! The first rumors about
“interesting position,” eve came just a few weeks ago. But neither myself
actress nor Ryan Gosling never confirmed the fact that she was pregnant. And since
the actress diligently and successfully hid from the lenses of photographers, and to
convincing photo of Eva “in” and failed, many do
doubt that she really is pregnant.

By the way, last time, when eve was waiting for my eldest — Esmeralda — she managed somehow to avoid the harassment of paparazzi. Mendes generally
as little as possible to publicize his affair with Gosling, though
the relationship would more correctly be called a civil marriage. The fact is that when
love story of Eva and Ryan began, fans of the actor had threatened the actress
physical violence. And although Mendes and Gosling have been together for five years, the actress is trying
to behave as modestly as possible, not to annoy the fans of her boyfriend.

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