Sergey Shnurov has thinking about the children

Сергей Шнуров задумался о детях
The singer explained why toddlers are better than animals.

Сергей Шнуров задумался о детях

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: instagram Sergei Shnurov

It seems that Sergey Shnurov seriously thinking about children. To such
conclusion fans of the singer after he began to Dole out advice
to subscribers that children are much better than animals. According to the musician, they give the opportunity
to increase the ranking of your page in social networks.

“If you began to fall the number of “likes” in instagram, then
it is time to get a dog or a cat, — explains Sergey. — For some
time they will be able to raise the ranking of your page. But it will pass. Puppy or
kitten grows up and his “minimisethe” will decrease, and, as a consequence, again
decrease the number of “likes” under your photo. Then you need to get the latest
trump. Children. To have a lot of them at once is impossible, will scare away subscribers. Start with
one, gradually increasing their number. Children “laykayut” almost as readily
as Pets, even a little better. When you stop liking your kids
try again to have Pets, and there grandkids arrive”.

Сергей Шнуров задумался о детях

Sergey with his wife Matilda

By the way, the photo of his 23-year-old daughter Seraphim leader
The “Leningrad” prefers not to publish in his personal blog. Recall
three months ago, a student of philological faculty of Saint-Petersburg
state University of Seraphim Shnurov married 27-year-old
Astanin Vyacheslav. As it became known the chosen Sims (the daughter of Cord
call her friends and family) works as a bartender at one of the popular institutions
The Northern capital. Photographs, which the heir of a rock star very often, but
shares on the Network, she reiterated that became the official wife of his

Seraphim Shnurov

Photo: Instagram

“Experience has shown that civil marriage registered
no different, — said St. Seraphim. — If relations are good, their
no marriage will not corrupt”.

Loud wedding Shem, and Vyacheslav was not satisfied on the day
the wedding the bride had no gowns, no sung her famous
father “louboutins”. Were there on a holiday next to a girl the Cord,
unknown: Sergei now tours a lot. In addition, in St. Petersburg
creative circles is not a secret that the father and daughter see each other in principle
infrequently. However, as she says Serafima, her bad relationship with her dad. —
just a rumor, and they are friends, albeit “at a distance”.

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