Anna Sedokova provoke fans candid shots

Анна Седокова раззадорила фанатов откровенными снимками The singer has pleased fans with a series of photos taken together with Antonio Banderas. Followers of the actress were quick to compliment her slender figure. Considering the opinion of the majority, Sedokova made social networks a gift – put a few erotic shots in lingerie.

      Singer Anna Sedokova is not ashamed of his body and demonstrates it to his fans in the microblog. Despite the outrage of some of the guardians of morality, being mean to her pictures, considering them to be very honest, many fans only welcome the fact that the artist does not hide delicious forms. Sedokova once again decided to share a photograph of her posing in a swimsuit.

      “I think over time, I become older and chubbier. And it’s growing on me. I will have a sexy “Instagram!” – wrote the singer.

      However, Anna decided to listen to their members and to publish those photos that they would like to see in her account. She decided to hold a vote to determine the preferences of the fans. “Although let’s vote! Do sexy “Instagram” or quietly? That, my beloveds, choose? Sexy – set 1 (and I show the backstage from the shooting with Antonio Banderas). But if you want today cute Insta, then put 2 (and I’ll show you what I prepared for Breakfast the family and will share the recipe, maybe we’ll do crafts with their hands)”, – said Sedokova.

      Followers were flattered by such attention to their opinion on the part of Anne. Just a few hours they left more than three thousand rave reviews. “Anna, you are a very beautiful girl. Imagine how much you need to work on yourself to make such a perfect figure. Of course, put 1. And wish to remain in the same form and the same the best, One! To ate less this winter and wanted to be sexy for you”, “your photos will be gorgeous,” he wrote to fans.

      Apparently, the majority of votes were cast for the first option, so during the day, Anna has pleased its subscribers shots in sexy lingerie, flattering her body.

      Despite the fact that the actress gave birth to two daughters, Alina and Monica, her figure remained flawless. Sedokova happy to share with her fans some tips on how to attract everyone’s attention. “To be the most beautiful on the beach? Easy. Jogging every morning, only positive emotions and incredible swimsuit double-sided sequins. Just get ready to be the center of attention” – shared the singer simple secret of success.