Leonid Baratza weighs the guilt of divorce

Леонида Бараца тяготит чувство вины за развод The star of “the Quartet And” afraid that I ruined the lives of their heirs. According to Baraza, his daughter was very upset when he broke up with his wife Anna Kasatkina after 20 years of marriage. Leonid took the time to explain to Elizabeth and eve that he would always be there for them.

      45-year-old Leonid Baratz rarely talks about his personal life, but recently the actor made an exception. He shared with reporters details of the breakup with his wife Anna Kasatkina, with whom he lived for more than 20 years. The new darling of Leonid became a participant of the contest Mrs. Globe Anna Moses. According to the artist, they met when were proprietary, but both felt the need to change something. As for Barca, and for Moses the decision to break off relations with his second half was hard

      The star of “the Quartet And” openly admitted to journalists that children in so much pain, when he started having relationship issues with Kasatkina. Elizabeth and eve was afraid that might lose his father. Baratz still worried about what caused them to suffer. According to the artist, he feels guilty to heirs.

      “I love children very much, we are very close. As soon as something began to happen, the first reaction was the children. They were scared of me in their lives will not, and I put a lot of effort to prove that I’ll always be there… Changing the circumstances –and, of course, the children are hurt. I think that the rest of your life feeling guilty for this story, for this turn of their fate will be with me… made it clear that divorce will not change my attitude to them”, – says Leonid Baratz.

      At the moment the eldest daughter of actor is married and is educated in London. The actor admits that he misses 22-year-old Elizabeth and can’t wait for when she comes home. And the younger heiress Baraza, 13-year-old Eva, while still in school. According to Leonid, it grows very talented artist and enjoys spending time with her, walking through the Park.

      Member of “the Quartet And” Leonid Baratz daughter got married

      About the future with the mosaic Leonid says not yet – according to the artist, he prefers not to think. Baratz also admits that he considers himself a family man. In addition, the star of “the Quartet And” has revealed to journalists the formula of happiness. “Being useful to those people who need me. This applies to friendship, work, and family, of course,” says the actor.

      That before lady celebrity, she apparently doted in its second half. She believes Barca the perfect man who changed her life. “I really “grew up” with him, not only in terms of education, but also moral. I think I’ve gotten a lot better,” admitted Anna edition of Hello!.